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GUILT: Waste of Your Time or Essential For Survival? - Glimpse of Brilliance #82

Missed one of our podcasts? Feeling GUILTY about it? Enter GUILT – Is it a waste of time or essential to survival? Listen here: http://goo.gl/6HEBHH

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Daring Greatly (to be vulnerable) - Glimpse of Brilliance #91

What does being vulnerable mean? Maayan and Allie talk about VULNERABILITY based on @Brene Brown’s book DARING GREATLY. Listen right here!..

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Daring Greatly (to be vulnerable) - Glimpse of Brilliance #91

New Episode IS UP! For A Brighter Monday: Allie and Maayan embark on the scary topic of VULNERABILITY through discussing Brené Brown’s book..

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Modern Romance: It's Possible - Glimpse of Brilliance #90

Modern dating. Where will we find our soulmate? Within a ten block radius? At a bar? On Tinder??? AND what EXACTLY are we looking for? A great..

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Reaching Manhood - Glimpse of Brilliance #88

Men live in a state of QUIET DESPERATION. How sad is that? Luckily, Kate comes on to discuss the book Manhood by Steve Biddulph. UNREAL INSIGHT..

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