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How To Get More Quality of Life: SEE SOLUTIONS IN PROBLEMS - Glimpse of Brilliance #103

Want more quality of life? I do! Joined by Hemda Mizrahi, a quality of life COACH, if you can believe that. We talk about QUALITY OF LIFE in..

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How To Do Happiness - Glimpse of Brilliance #101

Happy New Year! Yes you can just DO happiness. It takes simple tools and conscious application. Easy. Kate and Maayan discuss book by happiness-scientist..

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Creative Visualization - Beyond Cheesy Vision Boards - Glimpse of Brilliance #99

Visualize it and it will happen? Yes, but how exactly? Kate and Maayan discuss the PIONEER book Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. It’s..

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The Little Saboteur Inside Us All - Glimpse of Brilliance #97

Ever wonder about the little devil inside us sabotaging our lives? He’s there. We have to tame the little f-cker and love him. Here’s how. Kate..

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Behind the Crystals of Hypnosis: Part 3 - Glimpse of Brilliance #96

New Episode is UP. Hypnosis, Part 3. In Part 3, we focus on HYPNOSIS FOR SELF-IMPROVEMENT and we start off with Maayan receiving a mini glimpse..

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