Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren

For the longest time, I avoided this grocery store.  I’m  not sure what about it turned me off.  maybe it was its super-dated logo?

Is this a place that sells food or an Atari game?

Maybe it was the intimidating fact that you needed a *gasp* QUARTER to be able to unlock and use their shopping carts?

Ugh…whatttt?? I need to have a quarter to get a cart?? GREAT. Commence 15-minute purse-digging session. FUN.

Maybe it was the fact that the lighting was crappy, and the items weren’t presented in an appealing way…more like a warehouse than a grocery store?

Items are still in boxes….Poorly organized…lighting is so fluorescent…my delicate sensibilities are put off…

I’m here to say now, I LOVE IT ALL.


Because their shizz is CHEEEEEEAP!!!  Behold! You can’t find prices like these anywhere else… (okay yes at Trader Joe’s but there isn’t one nearby, so I have to make do, okay?)


Yup. MANY things that anywhere else would easily cost $5, are are UNDER $2 here.

And here’s a bonus…Aldi is a German company, so they have all these incredibly tasty, legit German products like chocolate and marzipan cake mix and…my favorite…



I got two boxes of these. Neither one cost more than $2, again. The quality is Teutonically delicious. Ya!

So, Aldi’s  I love you.  I’m sorry I was snobby about you before.  I’m so glad you’re in my life.