Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren


I can hear Britney’s “Toxic” playing in my mind as I look at this image.

Look, I get we live in decadent times. I can have fresh berries any time of the year. I have access to a cornucopia of different ethnic cuisines a mere ten-minute drive from my house.  I can run to the store and buy coconut milk, cilantro, and saffron–something my great-great-great-grandmother could not dream of doing in her day.

So yes, I’m spoiled. That being said…why on EARTH do people make, let alone DRINK, smoothies made with artificial flavoring?  Just today I stepped into one of Ithaca’s well-established, local-food-mongering, hippie-and-hipster-beloved cafes, with a hankering for a smoothie.

As I pondered over the flavors and types, my eyes glanced over at the smoothie-making station. There was the blender. And there…weren’t….the fresh fruits. Instead, sat about five cartons of artificial fruit flavoring, labeled ‘banana’, ‘peach’, and so on.  My heart sank as I realized that instead of my smoothie being full of freshly-blended fruit, it would be a sad concoction of chemicals.

WHY do these exist. Fine, I get it if it’s a rest-stop on an interstate, or a small regional airport food-court.  It’s hard to keep fresh berries and whatnot rolling in.  But in my epicurean home-town?  In one of its flagship cafes?

I was, and still am appalled. Just say no to fake-fruit smoothies, folks.












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