Ashley & Aubrey spend beaucoup bucks to get their astrology charts, palms read, and tarot cards done by an ultra scientific “reader”. A challenge filled with hope, disappointments, and skepticism!

Listen to this: Astrology, Palm Reading, Tarot Cards, Oh My! 



I have always been into palm reading and tarot cards! Growing up, I read books about it and had readings done while on vacations.

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But as an adult I decided it was all B.S.. Still, I WANTED to believe! So when I came across an article featuring the top NYC Psychics I figured if there was a chance it could be legit and actual psychics existed, then NYC would be where they are at (obviously, because the entire world revolves around New York City 😉 ). So I found the most legit looking (non stereotypical) psychic on the list, and we went. I spent $200 bucks. I’m not sure I’d do it again. Listen to our experiences and share your thoughts!