Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

dressingI have a rave that you’ll soon be raving about as well: the best damn dressing/sauce you could ask for. It’s beautifully easy to make (although does require you purchase some potentially unusual ingredients, depending on your style…don’t worry though, you’ll be glad you bought them)…and goes well on pretty much every savory dish you can think of

  • olive oil (this is the base of the dressing, so don’t be shy with it).
  • red wine vinegar (adds the tang. If you like your dressing on the tangier side add more).
  • soy sauce/Bragg’s aminos/tamari (adds the salty flavor. I like this to be evenly balanced with the tanginess…so I put equal parts as the vinegar).
  • nutritional yeast. (This stuff is so delicious. Yields a distinctive umami flavor that insanely good. I add a TON of it).

Shake well and drizzle on salad, cooked veggies, quinoa, rice… Anything and everything benefits from this concoction.