Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren


Okay, I guess I’ll be the LONE WOLF here and risk everyone’s hate in saying this: I really didn’t care for Beyonce’s new music video, ‘7/11’.  In case you missed it, Her Beyjesty just released this lo-fi vid, full of pantsless dancing and messy hotel rooms.  Beyhold:

Beysically (yup I’m not going to stop doing that), everyone loves this music video. Slate loved it.  Jezebel loved it. The Huffington Post loved it.  So much so that they even wrote this really compelling description:

“Fun and playful, the video features Bey dancing in her underwear, making a human pyramid and straight up playing around with friends in what looks like a hotel. It’s an impromptu party and we’re glad we got the invite.”

Hahaha, oh that it is, Huffpo. Fun AND playful.  Just Bey dancing with her ‘friends’ for an ‘impromptu’ party that we got invited to!  I’m sure that’s what’s going on! I’m sure Beyonce, with her meticulously managed image and carefully guarded privacy, totally just threw all that to the wind and decided to do something super spontaneous and uncalculated just to shake it up!


Sorry.  I mean, I just don’t buy it for a second.  And I guess I’m not that tickled by her show of “look at me I’m just a GOOF having a goofy time pretending my foot is a phone and wearing geeky sweaters!!”


Because…you’re just not that, Beyonce.  I cannot believe that this is the real you.  I believe you are a powerful, talented, savvy, creative human, but I don’t believe those dancers are your friends–I don’t believe you were all hanging out one evening and were like, “guys…you know what would be so cray-cray?? (Or should we say….BEY-BEY?) If we made an impromptu sleep-over themed music video!”  You’ve never given off that normal, girl-next-door vibe the way other popstars have.


I WOULD buy it if it were Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, or Rihanna doing it.  They have an element of openness and messiness that you don’t, Bey, and that doesn’t mean you’re better or worse than them. Just different.

The video just doesn’t feel genuine.  It’s another carefully calculated entertainment package from an incredibly savvy business woman….more power to her.  But can we NOT fall all over ourselves in delight at belief that it’s anything other than that?