Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren

Full disclosure, this isn’t my rave.  It comes from my sister, Lindsey, a 20-something New York City gal who hasn’t established herself as the the most accomplished cook in the world (sorry Linds…but I think you’d say so yourself?)

She’s raving about the new meal kit delivery service known as Blue Apron, which plans, shops, measures, and delivers all the food necessary for a meal for two, three nights a week.


Ingredients are fresh–anything perishable is shipped with cold packs.  The recipes are varied–take the examples they give on their site:

  • Frisee & Farro Salad with Warm Goat Cheese (umm I don’t know know what farro is but I still want to go to there).
  • Cod with Pickled Grapes & Summer Succotash (I would straight up never think of or know how to make this for myself. Ever.)
  • Flat Iron Steaks with Artichoke-Potato Hash, Purple Asparagus & Carmelized Shallots (Jesus just STOP it already Blue Apron.  I need to go downstairs and promptly eat everything in the cupboards thanks to you.)

My sister claims she hasn’t ever eaten this well before–or had such a variety of fresh ingredients and meals.



It costs ten bucks per person per meal.  My sister says it’s so worth it.

So, city folks who don’t have a lot of time or people to cook for….maybe try it out?  My stomach is definitely rumbling….