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Ashley & Maayan challenge themselves to find a stranger on the streets of NYC to invite to breakfast, hear all details including why Ashley is so giddy. Plus an interview with the couple who inspired this week’s challenge – Courtney Dillard and Matt Webber who spent their honeymoon having breakfasts with strangers across the country and documented it: www.breakfastwithstrangers.com

Listen to this: Breakfast With Strangers

I’ve never been so giddy over a challenge – probably because we met the most amazing, interesting person in all of NYC! What luck. The idea of having breakfast with a stranger was first introduced to me when I cast and produced a video for AOL’s You’ve Got series on Matt Webber and Courtney Dillard who spent their honeymoon having breakfasts with strangers! Courtney even did a Ted Talk! I have to admit, even though I cast them for AOL, I really didn’t understand what the big deal was. Until we met John from Bushsmarts! So take a listen and let us know what you think!

-xo, Ashley

Maayan’s Must-Try of the week: Easy Soup! Cook butternut squash, sweet potato, and onion! Add salt and pepper and blend. Simple as that!

Ashley’s Must-Try of the week: