Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren

As a parent of a child under three, you live life by routines. Kids need them.  You need them, too, to keep everything sane.

Wake up, breakfast, daycare, (or playtime, if you stay at home with them).  Nap-time. Lunch. More playtime,  pick them up from day care, then dinner, maybe bath, brush teeth, read stories, and bed.  Repeat.  Over. And over. And over. Weekdays melt into weekends. Friday night feels the same as Monday night. The phrase ‘TGIF’ holds little to no meaning for you anymore.


At some point you kind of go insane. So I’m pondering….about bucking the routine.  Just a little bit, here and there.  There’s always a fear that goes with pulling these moves–how will your kid deal with the change up?  Will you pay the price with a nightmarish bedtime that never ends, or a child that’s so wound up they seemingly never calm down?


For example, tonight (a Saturday night) the idea of doing the usual dinner routine just felt so…unappealing.  So we lit a fire in our fireplace, and made S’mores right in our living room. Now, we’re watching Shark Tale, all three of us. We’ll eat reheated left over soup for dinner when we feel hungry, probably on the couch.

It’s not the most wholesome evening, and who knows how a meal of S’mores is going to impact my preschooler later on this evening, but right now…it feels damn good SharkTaleWallpaper1024to do something out of the ordinary.