We’re re-running one of our favorite episodes, a debate on whether machismo is on its deathbed, with our delightful and opinionated guest byebyebicepsSteve Faktor. With women increasingly succeeding professionally, Steve argues men are left without a defined role to play now that women are stepping into more roles once dominated by dudes.  Is this really a problem?  Should we worry our poor menfolk and the struggles they currently face in a world that…is still pretty much set up to work for them?  Listen in to hear all of  the juicy discussion.

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Manliness: is it obsolete? We invite Steve Faktor from Ideafaktory onto the show to discuss his theory, (which he describes in full in the article Profiting from the death of masculinity ).  As Steve puts it,

“The recent ascent of women has complicated matters. Women have proven every bit as smart and capable, if not more so, than men. Many are financially independent and compete for the same jobs. It’s certainly fair, but there are unintended consequences. The biggest is the loss of male identity. With the roles of breadwinner and mother (aka, giver of life) consolidated under one roof, I’m surprised there’s anything on TV besides Oprah and the LPGA. So what’s left for a man to do? …marry Oprah?”

“With bruised egos, these over-sized mutants wander the earth, searching for meaning. The recession further clouds their future. Unemployment for men is almost 3% higher. With jobs scarce and prospects dimming, these hairless, broken apes find cheap thrills to soothe that inner savage, if not stave off inevitable extinction.”

Lauren’s not buying it–whereas Maayan feels sorry for the poor fellows. What ensues is some juicy verbal jousting between the opinionated trio. We’ll leave you to listen and decide who you agree with.  Are men truly lost and bereft of identity, or are we all just human beings with an assortment of different skill sets that we bring to the table?



Lauren is ranting about her Facebook newsfeed this week.  Look, it’s great to get a diverse array of articles and essays, but it’s a little exhausting to get a nonstop barrage of conflicting opinions thrown at her all day.  Can’t we all just AGREE on everything already?

Maayan bravely delves into a world she’s not so good at: letting go and doing it NOW as opposed to later