High-Waisted Pant Believer and Occasional Sharer

snappedoffby Maayan

This is pretty simple. Here’s how it goes:

  1. You “lovingly” try and look out for someone’s needs. Like, maybe you’ll be hungry…or…maybe you’ll be thirsty…or….maybe you’ll be too tired for a movie.
  2. I admit, it’s a bit of annoying mothering
  3. You have not had a solitary argument with them recently. As far as your powers can tell you, you’re on good terms.
  4. They snap your head off with an “I can take of myself, thank you.”

Why I hate this:

  1. It’s somehow both aggressive and passive aggressive at the same time, which makes it a mind fuck for me.
  2. It comes out of nowhere
  3. It hurts my feelings (and I have to dip into self-therapy for a moment and tell myself “This has nothing to do with you”…sigh, so annoying)
  4. You meant so well! You were so sweet, nice, kind, ______ (whatever totally positive attribute you want to add here)
  5. It’s hard, for me, to respond to it with what I really want to say which is “What’s crawled up your ass?” and instead I have this half-frozen smile which reads “I’m so sorry.”
  6. I still feel like I did something wrong even when I know I didn’t.
  7. It’s mean.

This was something NICE, dude, why are you responding as if it were something MEAN. Confusion. Anger. Ranting.