OMG YOU GUYS YOU GUYS OMG WE TOTALLY GOT TO TALK TO A BACHELOR. A REAL, LIVE BACHELOR AND HE WAS THE BEST AND I’M COMPLETELY IN LOVE.  Sorry, let me collect myself.   Ahem. In this week’s FLY ON THE WALL, Lauren and Maayan talk with Dr. Andy Baldwin, former star of ABC’s unrelentingly popular reality show, The Bachelor.

Listen to This: Former Bachelor Star Dr. Andy Baldwin!

Andy was the star of the show back in 2007, his season dubbed “The Bachelor: An Officer and Gentleman.” This was back before Bachelors were selected from the cast of the preceding season of the Bachelorette. Thus, as Andy said, he was recruited  (quite aggressively) by the producers.  We can see why. He’s aUS Naval Officer, ironman triathlete, humanitarian, andphysician.  Post-Bachelor, he’s been an active humanitarian, treating children in developing countries, fundraising for charities, and founded the Got Your Back Network, which provides support and comfort to military families who have lost a spouse or parent while serving our country. (Seriously? I can’t look at pictures from this organization without tearing up.  Damn you Andy. Giving me cry-eyes during my blog-writing.) Sorry–one more thing–he has the appearance of a Greek God. Dear God, they don’t make the Bachelors like they used to (we’re looking at YOU Juan Pablo).


Yes, Andy is that amazing.

Chatting with Andy was a pure pleasure (as if you needed another reason to despair that this man is not your boyfriend).  Besides charming and humble, the man was amazingly tolerant of  the fact that we wanted him to talk mostly about a tv show he was on  7 years ago and which he has nothing to do with now.

It should be noted that while Lauren is a massive Bachelor fan, Maayan has never watched an episode in her life.  Many of you may fall into one of these two categories yourselves.  In fact…one category may be JUDGING the other category.  Thinking that that the other category has poor taste, in TV–and possibly in life in general. They may be thinking the other category lacks the intelligence or understanding to know that The Bachelor is a dated, kitschy, sexist construct that continues to churn out one failed relationship after another.  To those in that judgy category, I say this.  JOIN US.  IT’S SO MUCH BETTER IN OUR CATEGORY.

Here’s why:

  1. Community:  The second you start watching this show, you join a sorority, of sorts (although that makes it sound like just chicks watch this show…and let me tell you, many a dude is addicted to this series). Suddenly, you are connected to people from every walk of life in a sisterhood of snark.  The #TheBachelor/ #TheBachelorette Twitterverse community has some of the funniest and coolest people on the Web up in there.  And don’t forget the real world. I  now have several friends and family members who have succumbed to the show, and let me tell you, sitting around and analyzing the most recent episode’s shenanigans with loved ones NEVER gets old.   Side note–this past season of The Bachelor was made all the more exciting by a friend of mine creating gambling game around it in which we all got to pick our favorites to win the show.  Extra points for first impression roses, etc.  Everything’s more fun when you’ve got money riding on it.
  2. Drunkenness:  Oh–did no one tell you?  Yeah. You get wasted watching this show.  Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t understand why people were having SO much fun at live concerts or sporting events, and then you  grew up and realized it was because everyone was smashed?  Kinda like the Bachelor/Bachelorette fanbase phenomenon.  There are so many drinking games around this show I won’t even bother explaining it here. Google it up and go to town.


    Billions of drinking games on the Bachelor

  3. SCIENCE:  Honestly, it’s truly fascinating to watch human behavior in such bizarre and unnatural conditions.  Twenty-five men just chilling out in a giant mansion ALL trying to make a move on the same girl?  Watch and squirm.  Relationships being built on adrenaline-fueled/ excessively luxurious circumstances?  Observe as the false sense of intimacy sets in!  It’s all one huge, strange experiment, and we have the privilege of watching (and judging) from behind our wine glasses.
  4. Love:  Okay, I hate to get all earnest on you guys…but when this show gets things right (i.e., selects individuals that are not
    LOVE: Sean and Catherine going strong

    LOVE: Sean and Catherine going strong

    The Actual Worst, you actually kinda get swept up in it all.  My inaugural season was that of Bachelor and Nice Blond Christian Man, Sean Lowe who ended up with the adorable and just-right-amount-of-quirky Catherine Guidici.  Their proposal, and the episodes leading up to it, actually had me tearing up with genuine, feeling-it-right-in-the-feels emotion for those two.  I wasn’t the only one.  The rest of America (the Bachelor-watching category of America) is pretty much gaga over these two lovebirds, and as of writing this blog they’re (fingers crossed sooooo hard) still going strong, having recently getting married this past winter.








So, tell me, will you be tuning this May 19th for the premiere of The Bachelorette?

You know you want to. JOIN USSSSSS.