Okay kids. Remember cherry coke?

Here’s a drink that tastes just like it! It’s everything that is crisp and sweet and refreshing about cherry coke, without the sickening too-sweetness or the calories and cancer!

Now, two things:

  1. If you’re actually addicted to cherry coke – come on- this is not going to fool you.
  2. If you hate soda, don’t worry, you’ll still love this.

Okay let’s get started. What you need:

  • Cherry or cherry/pomegranate flavored seltzer water
  • a pomegranate (or just pre-taken-out seeds if you’re lazy and/or rich)
  • a not terribly tall glass


These are the only things you need. It’s got to be cherry flavored seltzer though, that’s a non-negotiable, duh.

  • Step One: Remove all the seeds from the pomegranate (if you haven’t figured out the best way to do this watch this video and have your life changed forever)
  • Step Two: Pour a glass of cherry seltzer, add a heaping portion of seeds, and enjoy.


Here’s the key: the seeds are not a pretty decoration. You’ll want to take in at least 3-4 seeds per sip, so you want that glass full of seeds. A shorter glass helps the seeds really float around and stay accessible to your sipping.

The combo of the cherry seltzer and the crunchy sweetness tastes like cherry coke- Amazing! Great for kids too if you don’t want to be a deadbeat who’s giving their toddler cherry coke. Just saying. That’s not something Smug Mommy does.

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