Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren


I got this little packet of goodies on my birthday from my beloved in-laws.  They’re from the local natural food co-op in our town, Greenstar.  The store is great…has lots of righteous snacks, amazing bulk food, a deli that serves up vegan pizza and so much more.

I think my favorite thing in that store may have to be these organic chocolate coconut smiles.  They are, basically, slices of legit, dried coconut (pure–nothing added) covered in very dark chocolate.  The result is a snack that is incredibly satisfying both in taste and texture…not too sweet, but rich as hell–that blessed combo of chocolate and coconut…like an Almond Joy except it doesn’t make your teeth hurt with pangs of over-sugary-ness. And the texture of the dried coconut is amazing.  Sort of crunchy, but chewy too.

I have no idea if other places make these–Trader Joe’s perhaps?  Whole Foods?  I wish you luck in your search…because you should definitely be searching for this stuff at this point.