photo 4by Ashley

I live in NYC but when I get an opportunity, I flee the concrete jungle for wide open spaces to visit my country home (also known as my parent’s house). I resisted train travel for a long time because at first thought it seemed like low class travel.

Specifically here is what I thought:

  • I’d be squished sitting on top of another passenger.
  • Everyone on the train is poor and smelly (no offense…).
  • It’s a waste of time because it takes hourrrrrs to get anywhere.

I WAS WRONG. Amtrak is literally the best and here is why:

  • SHOW UP 5 MIN BEFORE! There is no hassle. I mean no running from place to place to get to the train and no security checks. You can mosey your pretty ass right from your house to Penn Station (in my case) and plop right down in your seat and you can even do it last minute (no 2 hour early arrivals here).

photo 1

  • COORDINATING TRAVEL IS EASIER! You can buy business class tickets (the only way I do train travel. Yes I’m a bit of a snob but it’s a 7.5 hour trip, can you blame me) easily online and at no extra charge, you can switch the date of departure at the last minute. You can buy one way, roundtrip, or open-ended tickets, it doesn’t matter because the price is the same. There’s also a great Amtrak App for your phone (I swear Amtrak is not paying me to write this post).


  • LUXURY! Business class is pure luxury. There’s a ton of leg room, wifi, free coffee and other drinks, newspapers, and the staff caters to you. I usually pretend there’s someone sitting next to me by setting up the table, adding a newspaper, a coffee cup etc and pretend I’m asleep when people board the train and voila 2 seats are mine!
photo 2

Feeling so happy in Biz class.

  • Yes it’s true it does take a tad longer but you can’t beat the view (especially when you are traveling through Pennsylvania), there’s wifi, and you can walk around.

photophoto 3

To summarize: The train feels civilized and if it was good enough for Andrew Carnegie then it’s good enough for me 😉