CLUELESSIn this special episode, Maayan and Ashley invite you to watch the movie Clueless with them! Go on Netflix, start this Pillowtok episode, then click play on the Netflix movie, Clueless.  You’ll watch the movie together and you’ll hear Maayan and Ashley’s commentary as you watch it. It’s like watching a film with your best friends.

 Maayan and Lauren first came up with this idea and I thought it was BRILLIANT! So I am super excited for this episode and I hope you have fun watching the movie with us.

On a side note, Mayaan and I could not get over how cute Cher/Alicia Silverstone is throughout the movie…we say it a million times. We don’t promote drinking, but if you are, sip each time you hear one of us say “she’s so cute” and you’ll be drunk by the end of the film! In other words, forgive us for stating the obvious a million times!

We hope you have fun. Send us your comments  and sugestions on the next movie we should watch together!

– xo, Ashley

Listen to this: Clueless – Watch It With Us