ptokmommytruthThis week Pillowtok takes a break from its normal format and serves up a mommy-show special.  Lauren, a mom of a 2.5-year old, invites her dear friend Kristy, mother of a 17-month old, to co-host this Pillowtok special. They chat with Lauren Mattia Levine, creator of Karmamamma.com, an inspiring blog and video project which documents Levine’s honest experiences with parenting her two young children. This is not your typical, what-brand-diapers-do-you-use-and-here-are-recipes-for-healthy-snack mom talk, friends. We open up about the reality of what parenthood brings, and the seemingly unspoken struggles all moms go through but never actually give voice to.  This podcast is our one small step to try to break the cycle of silence.

Listen to This: Coming Out of the Mommy Closet

First off, everyone needs to go immediately to Lauren Mattia Levine’s incredible blog, Karmamamma.com. She’s got videos and posts with plenty of insightful, honest accounts of what it’s REALLY like to be a parent, along with health, wellness, and relationship wisdom and ponderings.

The lovely Karma Mamma herself.


We had a bunch of questions for Lauren–such as what she does for discipline, what she feeds her kids, etc. etc….but the conversation took a deeper turn, and we decided to stay with it.  Through our chatting, we all discovered that three of us dealt with serious emotional struggles during early motherhood.  We marveled at the fact that we all dealt with similar feelings, yet in the moment felt so very alone.

crying baby

Many new moms cry this hard every day for a few weeks.

We arrived at the idea that there’s some kind of pattern most mothers fall into–who knows why and how it started, but it continues on and on:  the hushing up of how HARD it is, especially at first.  Like some silent hazing ritual, mothers again and again seem to walk into the experience of new-parenthood utterly unprepared for the emotional tsunami that will hit them.


Ready yourself, friends.

What is this tsunami?  We’ll tell you.  It can be anxiety. It can be depression. It can be crying for no reason, all the time. Or maybe it’s just the inexorable exhaustion from waking up (at least) every two or three hours, around the clock, With. Out. Fail. There is no break, there is no time-out. You can’t get off the merry-go-round. Will it get better?  You bet. But those first few weeks feel endless, and can scare the shit out of many a human being.  So stop questioning WHY you feel insane/terrified/hysterical.  It’s a normal human reaction to what’s being thrown at you.  And please, reach out for support: friends, family, therapy, sites like these.


It seriously takes a village…

We hope this conversation might help lift the veil, a little, about what motherhood is like.  It’s never perfect, and NO ONE knows what they’re doing.  Anyone who says differently is selling something 😉


On a sillier note, we have some rants and raves for you this week:


When driving, Kristy would appreciate a simple little wave when she lets you cut in front of her. Common driving etiquette, people.


Lauren is kind of embarrassed to admit she is raving about Dwayne ‘The Rock  Johnson’s muscles and charm in his role in Fast and the Furious 6.  Yeah. Yep.  She watched it and she liked it.


I mean…what’s not to like, really?