Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

-by Lauren20081006Grapes

Fall is a lovely time of year for so many reasons…and concord grapes may be one of the highest on my list.  If you haven’t tried this variety, get out to the local farmer’s market, or wherever, and get some.

These luscious clusters are nothing like the durable, boring red/green California-grown grapes you have year-round at the supermarket.  These babies are delicate (their skin will split if you look at them wrong), fragrant (seriously, if you get a bag, stick your nose in it and inhale–their perfume is heady, floral, deeply GRAPEY and gorgeous), and a gustatory delight.

Their skins, which slip off easily, are sour-patch-kid tart, while the inner globe of fruit is honey-sweet.  Add to that a cluster of crunchy, bitter seeds in the center–some people spit them out, I tend to crunch them down as part of the entire amazing experience…plus they are super rich in anti-oxidants and other good things.

Don’t let fall go by without trying some…