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stpatby Lauren

This is not so much a rant as a ‘how the hell do you people do it?”  All my life, I’ve been abysmal at getting anything out into the mail—birthday cards, Christmas cards, thank-you cards, gifts packages, you name it. I have the good intentions, but the actual follow-through just does NOT happen.  I kid you not, I have signed, sealed thank-you cards from my WEDDING…that are still stashed in a drawer somewhere.  They lack a stamp and the person’s address…two things I definitely didn’t have on hand when I wrote it, and were basically the death-knell for that letter getting into the recipient’s hands.

This is just part of me I’ve learned to accept. I have NO idea if my friends, family, and acquaintances have…lord knows I owe them dozens of cards and gifts, and if I were them I’d be understandably miffed. (I like to think I make up for this flaw by having REALLY GOOD LISTENING skills and other intangible qualities).

Which brings me to my issue—which is, I am jealous/shamed/baffled by people who have the whole birthday/Christmas/thank-you card sending thing down to a tee. These emotions are taken to a new, bitchier level when I observe people who manage to send…Halloween cards. Valentine’s day cards.  Easter cards. And often they have only about one line of hand-written text.  ‘Love from the Gellar Family!’

You may know the type.  I’m sure they mean well, but what with the total lack of effort at a personal message, I sort of just see it as a holier-than-thou  waste of trees.

Anyway.  I apologize to all those good people who send out nice cards  on time all the time. It’s not you—it’s me.