Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? The one where spending five minutes with THAT person sucks the life right out of you? Suffer from financial jealousy? Yeah, Lauren and Ashley too. Well fear not, Dr. Judith Orloff  is here to save the day. In this Fly On The Wall she chats with Lauren & Ashley about importance of trusting your gut and surrendering in order to empower yourself and avoid toxic relationships. 

Listen to This: FlyOnTheWall

Judith says SURRENDER so you aren’t led by a fear driven mind. So basic and yet so difficult. Here are a few things Judith said during the interview that I loved:

If you are OBSESSED with someone who doesn’t LOVE you back- distract yourself and do not allow yourself to go into fantasy. Also, the serenity prayer is helpful











If you feel like you never have enough MONEY or are jealous that your friends have more – start to create positive energy around your money. Like what we do with Gossipist Good 🙂

Good energy flow at home can empower you too. Good thing I’m halfway done reading my Feng Shui Guru’s (Dana Claudat) book, Feng Shui 101 (the energy flow in my house is amazing thanks to her). I highly recommend her.



We hope you enjoyed our chat with Dr. Judith Orloff and that you pick up her book. And if you are curious, here is her Ted Talk!

-xo, Ashley