by Ashley

Picture this! You’ve timed out your morning perfectly, you leave your apartment, your doorman wishes you a great day, you put on a little Frank Ocean to start the morning right, you get the crosswalk sign just as you approach the corner, you’re bee bopping your perfectly timed ass to the subway station, you’ve got your eyes on the turnstile and the line you want,  THEN suddenly you dig in your purse for your metro card and you realize you have 3! And, what’s worse is you have no idea if any of those cards have money on them or which one is your monthly metro card! Suddenly everyone behind you gets annoyed. You keep swiping frantically just hoping to get on the next train while people start exiting your turnstile because you couldn’t get through if you wanted to.

Here’s my tip and it’s brilliant – put a piece of duck tape on the card -any card you use often. Now you don’t even have to look, just feel for the duck tape and VOILÀ your morning flow stays intact!