Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren


I had the chance to spend some luxurious, unhurried, child-free hours in Sephora last week for my birthday. It was amazing.  I hadn’t stepped foot in that store in years, and my make-up routine had gotten pretty bare-bones and unglamorous during the last 3 years of motherhood.  Finally I got to put on sparkly eyeshadow and way-too-red lipstick and experiment with dozens of shades of blush.

Despite playing around with makeup for most of my time there, I ended up being strongly drawn to the skin care products–namely, facial masks.  A few months ago, spurred on by my tired looking skin with dry patches here and there, I decided to make a wholesome, HOME MADE beauty mask out of a random conglomeration of kitchen ingredients…I think it was oatmeal, olive oil, and maybe some yogurt?  I don’t know. I looked up some recipes online and sort of mushed several of them together into one DIY mask. Sounds really great, right?

Yeah, it sucked. I made a disgusting, oatmeal-chunky mess in my bathroom sink.  I had nothing to store the excess concoction in so ended up throwing most of it away.  It took a ton of time and mixing and it was just so the opposite of a righteous Pinterest-worthy moment I had hoped it would be.

Thus, my attraction to the masks at Sephora.  There were so many kinds.  Clay, enzyme, natural, non-natural…on and on.  And oh Lord, the prices.  I almost got ready to buy this one from Bliss product line, and then noted the price on that puppy. Fifty??  No way man.  I can’t stomach paying that price for something as optional as face goo.

OR is it optional?  Tell me, folks…am I just out of it?  Is a facial mask really something a grown-ass woman should be willing to spend some dough on?  I have no idea…I guess I’d be willing to change my attitude if enough people say it’s a non-negotiable part of their beauty routine…