by Ashley

I’m feeling so blue! Then why am I feeling so happy? The other day I got it in my mind that I had to paint my toenails blue.  So I found the best color for fair skin (sky blue) and I’m obsessed.

photo 2

And I realized I’ve been wearing blue for the past few days and seeing it everywhere.


So I was curious, what does BLUE mean? I turned to my favorite feng shui website to find out:

Blue in feng shui is the color that is identified with the element of water.  Water is the start in the feng shui element cycle and it incites new beginnings…

Blue in color theory is the color of confidence.  It has been shown to be able to lower your pulse and even cool your body a bit. 

 Too much blue can “make you blue” as in sad, so use it in nice dollops and enjoy its strength! Oh, and if you use blue in dining rooms they can make your food unappetizing/ suppress your appetite.  

Edgar Degas, Blue Dancers

Edgar Degas, Blue Dancers

So there you have it. Turns out I’m attracted to blue because I need calm in my life…and maybe a little confidence.