High-Waisted Pant Believer and Occasional Sharer

garnishby Maayan

Check out my mom’s mushrooms in the pic below in her insane spinach soup! Recipe coming sometime.

Garnish that soup! It’s so super easy to make a creamy vegetable soup astronomically ┬ámore interesting by adding a little garnish. Here are some ideas:

  1. Sauteed Mushrooms
  2. Sauteed sage
  3. Parsley, cilantro, dill
  4. Toasted sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds/flax seeds
  5. Sour cream
  6. Olive oil/coconut oil/spicy oil
  7. Olives
  8. For the brave ones – anchovies

Here are the benefits

  1. Your one soup changes a bit every night that you have it if you make a big batch like I do
  2. It looks pretty
  3. It looks fancy
  4. It’s more interesting in the mouth, surprising you and your guests
  5. It’s super easy

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