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by LaurenNorman-Rockwell-Thanksgiving-thanksgiving-2927689-375-479

 Thanksgiving tends to get buried under a lot of stuff–visiting relatives, hosting a huge meal, research, shopping, and cooking a ton of food, and as much as it saddens me, buying a bunch of drastically marked down CRAP.
Black Friday Holiday Shopping
These are the things we think about when this week comes upon us, and it can be hard to remember that the holiday is, in fact, called THANKS-GIVING, and should be used as an opportunity to focus on what we’re grateful for.  I am definitely guilty of this.  I am not one of those people that does a daily ‘love list’ of things I’m thankful for, and I far to often focus on what’s lacking in my life rather than what it has.
So I encourage my fellow half-empty glass folks, my fellow grass-is-greener OVER THERE comrades,  to put some extra effort into it this week.  I’m going to start.  I’m going to try listing things that aren’t super obvious (family, health, friends, etc.), just to make me think a little bit harder about how good life really is–feel free to do your own list.
Things I’m grateful for:
-That twinkly christmas lights are up and lit everywhere, making nightfall cheery and cozychristmas lights
-The fact that my car warms up to sauna-like levels quickly even when it’s sub-zero outside
-sparkly eyeshadow
-dance parties with my son
-that my husband cleans the kitchen to spick-and-span status every night
Okay, there’s a start. I’m going to try to do this more often.  What specific, detailed things about your life are you thankful for?