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tossbread-by Maayan

Here’s a tip from a real, live Frenchman (though he doesn’t know I’m even giving it). My dear friend had me over for dinner the other day….and he offered me bread (a delicious affair) – we weren’t sure if it was from Balthazar or Sullivan Street Bakery. Yes, these are real conversations that New Yorkers have. We settled on Sullivan Street Bakery…the brand seemed to fit the evening more.

In any case, here is the recipe for the  traditional Sullivan Street Bakery bread.


How good does this look


AnyWAY, the tip.

We’re so proper with bread – a basket, a tray, a plate, etc…and I love that I really do. It feels full of respect and honor. But there’s something to be said about the joys of pretending to be peasant-like. Which is exactly what it felt like when my friend casually tossed some bread on the wooden table (which has carriage-like wheels no less) and said, here, you want some bread? It felt generous in a completely different way and I loved the little moment that was produced.

So, clean your table (with water, not clorox) and enjoy a little toss every so often. It may transport you, as it did me, to a few centuries ago.