Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren

I apologize for the rather bipolar post.  But, we recently upgraded to an high-definition (HD, as the cool kids call it) TV. And I can’t decide if I can’t stand it…or can’t live without it.

Basically the clarity of the picture is SO lifelike, so sharp, so real…it throws me off.

hd leo

I feel uncomfortable.  I feel like Leonardo is sitting in my TV room with me.  Either that, or he’s starring in a daytime Soap Opera…you know, the kind with really sharp weird lighting that always highlights how sweaty everyone is?

hd jonah


It’s that or the movies have all suddenly been produced in the UK,  getting that far-too-grittily-real quality to the cinemetography. Movement is too sharp, or quick, or something.  It doesn’t feel cinematic.  I don’t feel caressed by the warm glow of the silver screen’s magical world of fantasy.

hd coach

At the same time…I’m getting used to it.  I’m starting to EXPECT to see all the actors’ pores and nose hairs. I’m starting to adjust to the idea that all the happenings on that screen should feel as if they’re actually taking place WITHIN my very own TV room.

So I guess I’ll just go with it.  I suppose some day I’ll stumble upon a non-HD screen once again and my eyes will  burn up and fall out at the unbearable foggy slowness of the picture and I’ll run away screaming.