Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence


I’m not sure when or how I stumbled across this blog–but I’ve been addicted to it ever since. It’s called MODG. No, I don’t believe it actually stands for anything. Yes, it’s a ‘mommy blog’, at least, a third of it is–the gal started blogging long before she got pregnant, so there’s  a wealth of amusing posts for whatever stage of life you’re at. She even has a little option on the sidebar that says “Today I am: Preg/A Mom/ Drunk”…so you can pick and choose your type of reading amusement.

I swear I’ve never laughed so hard reading her stuff. She talks about the panicky joy that occurs when a new mom finally has time to herself and the state of one’s boobs  and body after pregnancy and breastfeeding and wanting to look like a sad J. Crew model.  Basically, she tells it like it is, and you need to read her stuff STAT so you too can try to stifle your laughter at your desk during work like I have.

Sad note:  I believe the gal has stopped blogging due to stupid internet moms being judgy and horrendous and leaving mean comments on her blog. To which I say, I hate you all, judgy internet moms.  Please stop ruining everything for everybody.