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Guess what, I work for Ian Karr who is the cohost of Jackie Martling’s Sirius Satellite Radio Show, Jackie’s Joke Hunt! For those of you who don’t know, Jackie is the former Head Writer of my most favorite show on earth, the Howard Stern Show, for which I am a SUPER FAN (yes I’ve been on the Super Fan Round Table show and yes my Twitter proudly says #howardfan).

Anyhooo enough about HOWARD and now on to my glorious appearance on JACKIE’S JOKE HUNT (which airs every Tuesday live on Howard channels, 100 and 101)! Ian invited me on the show – I was super excited and nervous because not only was I going to sit in on the show, I was going to read a joke on air. Also, this is THE Jackie Martling who I’ve been listening to on the radio for the last 10+ years! Here are a few highlights of my experience:

  • I could feel the Howard energy because we broadcasted from his floor, near his studio!

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  • Jackie is the Sweetest. Guy. Alive.
  • The show was so short but super fun and…vulgar (including my joke which I was a little embarrassed to read) but the show’s so freakin fun I forgot all about the fact that it’s a little notty (I know I sound so prudish but I’m really not)!
  • The estrogen outnumbered the men (unusual for the show) which I loved because I got to meet a really funny lady and a bad ass violinist.
  • There was a hottie producer working on the show, which was a nice bonus.
  • We all went to dinner afterwards at the world famous Carnegie Deli 
  • I got to plug the SH*T out of Gossipist. Listen to the clips below!

LISTEN TO THIS! Ashley’s Joke:

LISTEN TO THIS! Gossipist Plug: