High-Waisted Pant Believer and Occasional Sharer


Wee!! David Bowie’s bulge! No really…that’s not what was awesome about this movie. First of all, Jennifer Connely is a cute, round little girl with incredibly lithe movements. Ballerina-like. That’s what’s good about her. She learned her acting…later in life. Which is just fine 🙂

David Bowie is FUNNY, charming, dry, smart, and comfortable as can be in his skin tight pants.

First, this is a classic…and it’s a FUN classic to know so I’m glad I know it now and have dug myself up 2 inches from the cavernous hole of film ignorance I somehow live in. It’s not like…when I watched Star Wars (sorry, world) and fell asleep. The music was cute, I bopped along, laughed, and the characters were overall adorable.

This is a TOTAL cheer-er-upper. Plus, it’s streaming for free on Netflix (you’re welcome, Netlflix…).

My absolute favorite character is Sir Didymus. I could just roll him up and put him in my pocket. Here’s a cute clip: