Aunt Flo is about to pay me a visit. Despite the visit being not altogether pleasant, at least she’s here to tell me I’m not pregnant when I don’t want to be. There’s always that. Aunt Flo also brings with her a lot of

  • bloatiness
  • general blechness feeling
  • possible feeling-ugly feelings

Here’s how I handle that:

Layer with pretty clothes! A long-ish shirt and a short cute sweater is an example. The red pants are a bonus.




Plus, I like to accentuate parts that I still feel great about, like my neckline. layer3 Other ideas:

  • Wear stretch pants
  • I actually like to wear LIGHTER colored but loose clothes rather than dark clothes. It elevates me nicely.
  • Show more cleavage. If you’re small like me, now is a nice time to enjoy other things Aunt Flo brings.