Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren

I made the grave mistake of buying acorn squash for dinner the other night.  My husband, I seem to continuously forget, HATES squash.  (Even though he exclaimed how much he loved the acorn squash his mother made the night before…but I digress). roasted-acorn-squash_800x600I roasted it in the oven until it was soft and sweet, seasoned it lightly with salt,  cinnamon,  and butter….to no avail. The husband would barely touch it, and thus he was stuck with just corn and Brussels sprouts, a paltry meal for a guy who’s 6 foot 6. I should also mention that I, being 6 months pregnant, can barely eat more than a teaspoon of food at one sitting, and my 2.5 year old son doesn’t eat much more than that either.  Point being, we had some serious left overs…a lot of squash, several ears of corn, and half a bowl of Brussels sprouts. The idea of letting all these food rot in the fridge was painful to me–especially all the care I’d taken to make it.

So I decided to make left-over soup.  Sounds appetizing, right?

Well actually, it was. It was amazing.
squash soup

I sauteed a large onion, and added it to a large stew pot with the acorn squash, which I set to simmering with some water and chicken stock. I mashed up the squash to make sure it had a nice pureed consistency, and harvested all the corn kernels from the left over corn-on-the-cob, throwing that into the mix.

I added butter, milk, more chicken stock, and finally threw in the brussel sprouts and let it all simmer into a delightful autumn squash-corn chowder. And guess what?  Everyone liked it.    Zero recipe was used. Just instinct and daring.  I encourage everyone to try this.  If you have left overs that seem like they’d blend well as a soup, grab some chicken stock, sautee some onions, and GO FOR IT.