Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

I’m taking a moment to rant about LinkedIn, which I use a lot for work.  For a social media platform that’s all about professional life, LinkedIn could seriously use a crash course in how to appease its customers.

The site is glitchy beyond belief, with bugs and quirks at every turn. I’ve written the help desk with questions and concerns, with only crickets in reply.  Contrast this to Twitter and Facebook, which will have a real human being quickly respond within a day or two to most issues.

Look, LinkedIn…you’re claiming to be the professional big-kid of social media.  You’re the older brother who got that big-time job at that law firm and wears a well-tailored suit.  Yet it’s your teen sister Facebook and your hipster cousin Twitter who are actually successfully navigating issues with their customers with prompt responses and friendly service.

LinkedIn, you were lame to begin with.  No one actually enjoys surfing your pages or logging on to their accounts with you.  Your purpose is a practical one–be an effective tool for business and job-seekers. When you fail at that (which you do), I’m starting to wonder if you’re worth using at all.