May 22, 2015

Why You Should Run to Your College Reunion – Pillowtok #81

It's college reunion time--that period of doubt, indecision, and insecurity.  Should you go? Who will be there? Will there be sufficient booze to drown the awkwardness? Maayan and Lauren are here to walk you through [...]

Calling Yourself Hot – Cocky or Confident? – Pillowtok #80

We all want to be confident--but all too often, end up coming across as cocky.  How the heck do we achieve one and stave off the other?  It's a tricky line to walk, but Maayan [...]

Models & Bottle Service: The World of Club Promotion – Pillowtok #79

In this episode, we take you behind the red-velvet rope for an insider's view of the club world--and those who pull its strings.  Maayan's charming friend Luca Garbero is a promoter--a person who's in charge [...]

The Art of Teasing – Pillowtok #78

We're no longer running around in playgrounds pulling on girls' hair or laughing at boys whose feet smell. But we still want to be able to tease every once in a while. How can we [...]

April 24, 2015

Weather: The Small Talk Topic With Big Psychological Impact – Pillowtok #77

Weather. The ever-present, just-around-the-corner conversation. We chit chat about it in elevators but how do we REALLY feel about it? How it REALLY impacts our mood? What weather brings you up or takes you down [...]

Broken Record – Are You On Relationship Repeat? – Pillowtok #76

Do you find yourself living the same relationship over and over again? We do. And here's how to stop that. Maayan's dear friend Kate comes back on to discuss her favorite new book: Dr. Seth's [...]

Food fight! Why We Hate Your Messy Plates and Blanched Broccoli – Pillowtok #75

Lauren and Maayan address all things food - from habits, to pet peeves, to culinary faves. We're also thrilled about the return of Game of Thrones and we throw in advice on how to avoid [...]

Dreams: Keep chasing or give up? – Pillowtok #12 – RE RELEASE

Lauren, Maayan, and Darcy tackle these judgement-laden concepts, and discuss how best we can still ‘live the dream’ while staying in reality. Some links from the show: Huff Po article Dream Job Only Becomes A Reality [...]

March 24, 2015

Dads – Do We Need ‘Em? – Pillowtok #22 – Re Release

Are fathers fundamental? Lauren and Maayan compare their night-and-day experiences with dads. Where does this leave them now as grown-up daughters? Listen to their thoughtful reverie on this formative relationship. Brought to you by the awesome [...]

Does It Matter If I Shower and Other Hygienic Concerns – Pillowtok #74

We tackle HYGIENE. From the 5-second rule to how often we shower...few icky stones are left unturned. What IS hygiene? How dirty is dirty? Here's your guide to staying germ-free or you'll see, lines [...]

Stop Sacrificing: Why Being a Martyr Is Madness – Pillowtok #73

Lauren is back!! We discuss SACRIFICE. Where does helping others end and hurting yourself begin? Tough lines to draw and understand where being just like Jesus is actually good for you. So, per usual, we [...]

The Sweet Life of No Ambition – Pillowtok #72

Feeling tired of defending your job as a waitress? Enter Yasmeen - the no ambition, no problem girl. One of Maayan's oldest friends comes on the show to chat about not having a career drive [...]

February 24, 2015

It’s Time for You to Stop Being a Sex Object – Pillowtok #34 (Re-Release)

Celebrities and awards season, fun as it might be, also brings with it plenty of opportunities for women's bodies to be sexually objectified. So here's a worthwhile re-release! Ever wondered what women think about every [...]

Get Out of Your SOUL-SUCKING Career – Pillowtok #71

Feeling dissatisfied in your job? Do you feel like you want to have IMPACT and have something to GIVE to the world...and you're just not sure how to make it all come together? In this [...]

Zombies at the Godiva Store: Why Men Hate Valentine’s Day – Pillowtok #70

Most women know that most men hate Valentine's Day. If you don't, then check in with your partner asap.  We still wonder WHY. It's all about LOVE, after all - or is it? Maayan enlists her [...]

Soulmate Secrets – It Begins With YOU (Shocker) – Pillowtok #69

As Lauren is on her maternity leave with Harriet, Maayan enlists the help of one of her dearest friends, Kate, to come on the show and talk about one of her current favorite pop psychology [...]

January 28, 2015

Babies A Re-Release In Honor of Lauren – Pillowtok #68

As Lauren gives birth to baby Harriet, we just can't get enough of talking about babies. To have or not to have. How lives are affected. Even with Stockholm Syndrome, Lauren managed to make another [...]

My Maids Had Maids – The Life of a UN Brat – Pillowtok #67

As Lauren CONTINUES to prepare for the arrival of her baby girl (come already!), Maayan enlists the help of one of her oldest friends, Yasmeen, to come on the show and represent. She does and [...]

STOP Ignoring Your Dreams – They Know More Than You Do – Pillowtok #66

As Lauren prepares for the arrival of her baby girl, Maayan is left stranded in Pillowtok land. Her wise stepfather comes to the rescue and shares over 5o years of insight into the meaning of [...]

Out of Body Experiences: Are They All in Your Head?- Pillowtok #65

Lucid dreams. Astral travel. An ayahuasca trip. Whatever you call them, Out of Body Experiences are a phenomenon that mystifies and intrigues us.  Which is why we invited our friend Jeff from the Maker / Mistaker [...]

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