December 30, 2014

Resolutions- Pillowtok #64

It's that time once again--the time to make false promises to yourself about what you will accomplish or pursue for this fresh, brand-new year.  Spoiler alert--you're probably not going to do it (the majority of [...]

Superstitious?- Pillowtok #63

Merriam-Webster says superstition is a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation.  Do you suffer from it?  Many folks would say [...]

Bye-bye Biceps, Adios Abs: Why machismo and muscles are becoming obsolete (RE-RUN)- Pillowtok #62

We're re-running one of our favorite episodes, a debate on whether machismo is on its deathbed, with our delightful and opinionated guest Steve Faktor. With women increasingly succeeding professionally, Steve argues men are left without [...]

The Slippery Slope of Social Media Stalking – Pillowtok #61

Come on.  We've ALL gone down that rabbit-hole of social media stalking. Whether it's an ex-lover, ex-friend, new girlfriend of an ex, ex of an ex, an acquaintance with a life that looks 'perfect' life [...]

Hormone Horrors – Pillowtok #60

HORMONES.  The word makes women nod their heads with grim understanding, and makes men run for cover. They've become synonymous with any kind of mood swings, anxiety, or rage that a women might experience--particularly during [...]

November 25, 2014

Surviving the Holidays: Your Holiday Survival Guide – Pillowtok #59 (RE-RUN)

With Thanksgiving approaching, we thought we'd treat everyone to a throwback episode from last year--Your Holiday Survival Guide, in which we discuss making the most of—or simply get through—these family/friend reunions. We discuss our roughest [...]

Want Better Sex? STOP Watching Porn (no, really)- Pillowtok #58

Porn, and masturbating to it, is so widespread it's considered basically  a harmless vice. Right?  Maybe not.  Maayan and Lauren had their assumptions checked by the lovely and insightful Jeff Finley--artist, entrepreneur, fellow podcaster--and someone [...]

Pets On A Pedestal – Pillowtok #57

Is there anything better than a purring cat curling up in your lap? Or a devoted dog flipping out with joy to see you walk in the door? Animals are awesome.  Or are they?  Maayan [...]

Cat-Calling – We Sometimes Like It: What’s Wrong With Us? – Pillowtok #56

Many of you probably watched the video that went viral last week that depicted a woman walking the streets of NYC, getting cat-called and harassed over 100 times in the span of ten hours. It's [...]

October 28, 2014

Friendship With Exes – Pillowtok #55 (Re-Release)

Journey back in time to one of our earlier Pillowtok episodes--an oldie but a goodie, if we dare say. We pose the tricky question:  is true friendship with an ex possible? Maayan and Lauren represent [...]

You Better Have These Qualities If You Want Quality Friendships – Pillowtok #54

We like to talk about friends. Making them, keeping them, relating to them. This week we’re talking about the HOW and WHY someone becomes and stays a friend. Think about it—why are you drawn to [...]

Touched by Joshua Bell | Guess What

by Maayan Emotionally, that is. If you've been living under a rock (as...err...I had but a short year ago) you may not have heard of him. Here are some dirty basics to put you on the [...]

Why Men Are Such “Lazy” Dads – Pillowtok #53

Most mothers of young children have some things in common: exhaustion, guilt, sacrifice, and periodical, all-consuming rage at their husbands. If not rage--then some serious resentments and complaints.  What the hell is going on here? [...]

September 30, 2014

Surviving Survival Mode – Pillowtok #52

We've all been there. The deadline's fast approaching. Someone's expecting you to deliver. You've heard the dreaded words 'we have to talk'...Whatever your triggers are, we're pretty sure you've been in survival mode, just like [...]

Just Be Superwoman! Mommy Expectations – Pillowtok #51

This week, we're talking mommy stuff (again).  Specifically, the insane level of expectations many mothers place on themselves. Lauren, a working mom of a 2.5-year old, has been struggling with an extra dose of mommy [...]

“America is Like One Big Girlfriend”: Reality TV Star Emily Riedel Confesses to Us

Emily Reidel is not your average 26-year old woman. To start, she’s the captain of her own gold dredging operation in the remote village of Nome, Alaska. When she’s not plunging into the depths of [...]

The Perils of People Pleasing- Pillowtok #50

WE'RE BACK!  It's been a relaxing break, but we're excited to delve back into our Pillowtok conversations...we hope you are too. This week is all about one of our biggest addictions--people-pleasing.  Maybe you're familiar?  That [...]

July 28, 2014

Porn – An Outdated Taboo Pillowtok #49

Porn is one of those topics that polite society shies away from. Yet society, when it's not bothering to be polite, seems pretty darn into porn. That huge gap between what we do and what [...]

Social Media Detox- Challenge Accepted #28

Ashley and Lauren take on the impossible and give up social media for a week! As a result, Ashley turns to TMZ while Lauren plays words with friends...Hear the benefits, the downfalls, and everything in [...]

For Crying Out Loud – Pillowtok #48

There's nothing quite like a good cry. As babies, we cried whenever we needed something--but as adults, most of us try to keep those tears bottled up no matter what. In this episode, Maayan and Lauren [...]

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