In this episode, we take you behind the red-velvet rope for an insider’s view of the club world–and those who pull its strings.  Maayan’s charming friend Luca Garbero is a promoter–a person who’s in charge of making the club scene appear effortless, elegant, and enviable.  But, surprise, surprise, nothing about these hot parties filled with cool people is happenstance.  For Luca, it’s a job, and one he takes seriously…

Maayan, a club reveler and friend of several promoters, respects (and enjoys) the work promoters do.  Lauren, rural homebody that she is, is put off by this industry that so blatantly values looks and money.  Except…wait a minute…don’t we all?  Listen to hear all the juicy debate about whether the club world is vapid, or just….telling it like it is.

Listen to this: