Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren

There are some movies–more specifically–movie MOMENTS, that make me cry no matter what.  It doesn’t matter what state of mind I’m in, where I’m at…these scenes turn me into a blubbering mess like goddamn clockwork. There are other movies that make me cry, for sure (Schindler’s List, Steel Magnolias, 21 Grams) But many of them I’ve watched only a few times (if I watch them more than once at all).  I’m talking about movies that have stood the TEST of TIME.

Would you like to see my tear-stained list?  Read on:


Car scene between Haley Joel Osment and Toni Colette in Sixth Sense:

Ummmmm.  I sobbed when I watched that just now.  Yup, straight-up sobbed. I’ve seen this movie a dozen times and it doesn’t matter.  Colette just fucking nails this scene and I fall to pieces right with her.



E.T.’s Goodbye:


The ‘Ouch’ moment with the touching of the heart. John Williams’ tear-jerking soundtrack. Baby Drew Barrymore’s cry face….oh god, what else can Spielberg throw at me?  Oh, right: “I’ll….Be….Right….Here…”   ANNND I’m feeling ALL THE FEELS NOW.


Finale From It’s A Wonderful Life (starting around minute 3:15)

I don’t care that this movie has been labeled as syrupy schmaltz.  I watch it every Christmas Eve and this ending has me blubbering like a fool without fail.  Seriously you have to have a heart of stone to not get SLIGHTLY choked up at the sight of a man who finally sees how much his life matters.


Mufasa’s Death (starting at minute 1:20):

Okay this one doesn’t get me AS MUCH as it once did.  Perhaps because…it is in fact, a cartoon for children.  And yet. There is something about that moment when little Simba’s voice begins to quaver…or when he buries under the paw of his dead father…okay yeah. Yep.  I’m crying for reals now. Never mind. Still works.


Dirty Dancing: “You Let Me Down Too”:

This one is subtle.  It always creeps up on me.  I don’t think of Dirty Dancing as a tear-jerker of a film.  But this moment…every single time…once Jennifer Grey starts crying, I’m suddenly all water-eyes.  And Jerry Orbach’s cry-face just caps it off so perfectly.  God I love this movie so much.

The Abyss: Resuscitation scene (this clip is pretty long, but I’d say it’s worth watching. I think it’s kind of a cinematic masterpiece. If you must, skip ahead to minute 3:04 if you’d like to get to the real tear-jerking goods of Ed Harris in all his acting glory):

Yeah. Um.  Holy shit this scene is so intense.  No music. Just the characters trying desperately to revive a very blue and very limp Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Ed Harris’s maniacal refusal to give up…the mood dips so low you just feel sick for him…she’s gone, buddy.  But goddammit he wants her to FIIIIIGGGHHHT.  And goddammit,  it makes me cryyyyyyy.  (BTW this film is like the best film ever, everyone should watch it right now.)


So there you have it, folks. My list of guarantee-able cry-inducing movie moments.  I’m curious to know what YOURS are…were there some obvious ones that didn’t make it on to my list??  Let me know!