Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren alice-in-wonderland-2

My Facebook news feed, as I’ve described before, is pretty much dominated by articles and essays from various publications I ‘like’. These range from The Atlantic, the Washington Post, to Salon, Mashable, Fast CompanyBusinessInsider, Slate, Jezebel,  and the Huffington Post…etc. etc. etc. That puts a lot of different kinds of stuff up on my news feed, which is good–it’s what I wanted.  But sometimes…I’m kind of all set with the different messages I get.

For example….



Work really hard! Life is about being productive and success!  Except…Take it slow.  Life is about living in the moment. Except make sure you’ve done these key things before you’re 30, or you’ll be miserable and penniless.  But remember quality of life is all about your relationships and mental state…so.



And remember that there are a lot of things you should be doing to make sure your kids grow up right.  But we moms worry too much and stress ourselves out so take it easy and keep a good sense of humor about it all.  But don’t forget to really listen well, set limits –although you can never be too nurturing or gentle, and make sure they eat well and get lots of imagination-stimulation, but also, remember, this whole mommy game is rigged so don’t sweat it!!

Don’t eat meat. It’s bad for the planet and for you–except you should probably eat it way more than you eat grains, which are evil incarnate.  Why, wheat is a demonic poisonous substance sent from Monsanto to destroy you and your loved ones…except when it’s not.

Be good to the planet and limit your carbon footprint, but if you really want to live life, you will travel to multiple far-flung locations around the globe.

Work on loving yourself, it’s the most important thing.  Except when you get too obsessed with yourself and you need to chill the fuck out with the egotism.


Then End. Or is it?