High-Waisted Pant Believer and Occasional Sharer


Lucy. How precious is she?

by Maayan

So for years I’ve said I’m a cat person. Not a dog person. Not a dog person. Absolutely not a dog person. But of course when you see those cute play-things-pretending-to-be-dogs on the street my heart goes out, out, out. They’re so freaking cute. And there have been so many dogs that I’ve come to love the moment  I get to know them. Like Lucy up there. I met her yesterday and she’s the sweetest, cutest, most cuddly, softest little thing I’ve ever touched. She’s precious! I love her!

Right – this is NOT the way a cat-person talks about dogs. The truth is, as a pet-owner I definitely prefer cats. Their needs match my preferences more and that is…absolutely true. But to say that an adorable dog doesn’t find its way into my heart is actually another matter.

I hereby challenge the concept of cat people/dog people. I’ve treated the preference of what animal to care for to be synonymous with which animal I like more…but that’s not only silly and senseless but also limits me. It’s like I box myself in and so every dog I do like, and I like most that I get to know, becomes this amazing false exception.

This does NOT mean that watching a dog pee or poo on the street doesn’t….make my nose wrinkle. But I think that has more to do with my ever-so-alive-and-kicking-OCD than much else. As does seeing them slobber on someone (or me, the horror). But again, this is different from them being unlovable beings, which of course they are not.

This whole idea that we’re “this type of person” or “that type of person” ultimately just limits ourselves. The dog doesn’t suffer, the cat doesn’t suffer…I am the only one, really, who is feeling affected by boxing myself in this way. I am really the one whose day is affected when I inwardly roll my eyes at a passing dog to remind myself of Who I Am, What My Limits Are, What Defines Me.

This is yet another desperate human attempt to categorize the world and now that I’ve identified it as such, I bid it ADIEU. Can’t wait to see Lucy again!