weddingsHey guys, I’ve got an extra $30,000 lying around.  What should I do with it?  What’s that you say?  Spend it on a single day of my life that I will spend stressing over for the preceding 6 months?  I LOVE IT.  After all, that’s what most Americans do when they decide to tie the knot.  In this episode, Maayan and Lauren are fresh off a weekend full of weddings.


Listen to this: Wedding Woes

We have photographic proof:



…and have lots to dish about–including fond (and not so fond) memories of their own days of nuptual bliss.

Night at the Roxbury. Best wedding scene ever.

Night at the Roxbury. Best wedding scene ever.

We explore if weddings are even worth it, and who are they for (hint, not the bride and groom).  We also have one or two curmudgeonly pet peeves centering around cute little children being involved and poorly balanced custom vows.


Adorable addition? Or child slave labor?







Still though, at the end of our respective wedding days, we both had a sense of fulfillment.  Maybe we wouldn’t do it all the same, (or maybe wouldn’t have a wedding at all), but the tradition certainly leaves lasting memories. Or it’s all just a big blur…thank god for wedding photos.


Nope, not for you, Lauren. Can’t watch an overly photoshopped Andi casually pluck rose petals LIVE.

This week, Lauren has a timely RANT:

The Bachelorette premiere is airing TONIGHT and I have no way to watch it streaming live.  This angers me. In this day and age, shouldn’t there be some easy, breezy, beautiful subscription I could have that would allow me to watch Andi find love ONLINE with the rest of the world?

Maayan has a nice TIP

For us city girls–springtime is THE time to bust out the boots with the skirt and no socks.  Come summer, your feet will be a sweaty mess in those kicks and Maayan just is not a fan of the look. So do it NOW, for the sake of cuteness.