Cracked-Facebook-LogoGreetings from Smug Mommy.  My friends at Gossipist heard that I was so freakin’ pissed about something that they asked me to do a rant for them.  I immediately agreed with gusto, as I could tell this story all day and night.

Up until recently, I was a member of a private group on Facebook for Attachment Parenting support, not as Smug Mommy but as myself, a regular person.  Yes, there was a lot of Smug happening there, but many of the questions or comments posted were things that I could relate to, or comment on in a useful way.  I posted on there about my toddler still waking up and nursing in the night, for example, and while the answers that I got back were hard to hear, it was the first time I had been able to poll that many real people who are going through the same thing as I am.  Okay so blah blah blah that’s my background on this group.

I figured I should at some point tell this group about Smug Mommy, the irreverent blog I started based on Attachment Parenting, because surely they would love the hell out of it – this is what we are all doing, after all!  So I post: “Hey there, don’t want to be annoying but here’s this thing I’ve been working on, and it’s supposed to be funny, and let me know what you think!”

Some times goes by, I pretend I’m doing other things and not waiting to check CNN and see that my blog has gone viral and I need to pack for NYC to be on GMA the next day. Suddenly there are 3 comments and one ‘like’ from a friend who is also a member of the group:

“What the hell am I reading?”

“What the fuck, is this for real?”

“I’m so glad you two said something.. I wasn’t sure what this was..”

Oh no! People didn’t think it was funny… my heart was pounding.  Just as I was texting my friend who ‘liked’ it, and trying to think about what I should potentially say to defend myself, the comments were gone, the post was deleted, and I couldn’t see the group anymore.  In one fell swoop it was erased, I was kicked out of the group, AND my friend was kicked out of the group just for liking the status!

I hate to admit it but I was quite shaken. My first thought was barely formed: cunts cunts cunts cunts cunts cunts.  There’s a reason the compliment my husband gives me now is “You are such a great mother”, not “wow what a great meal” or “last night was epic, babe”.  Being an awesome mother is what I do now, lord help me.  And as far as my blog goes, I’m not saying you should think I’m the funniest person alive, but if you don’t get it, than I guess you’re truly Smugly, and man that is a scary scary thing.  The fact of the matter is that I did feel like I belonged in that group, and maybe now I don’t feel that way anymore (cultish insecure freaks!), but man do I work hard at this whole parenting thing – how dare they think I’m poisonous!?

After all is said and done, this reaffirms my reasons for starting this blog in the first place.  It’s funny to talk about the weird looks we get in the mall while we nurse our baby, but isn’t it even more entertaining to laugh at ourselves for explaining to this baby before they are able to sit up, that mommy “made a face because she saw something that surprised her, and that’s why she looked away for a second my sweet boy.”

Whether you are a parent practicing Attachment Parenting, or just a “regular parent” (aka worse parent – jk! Jeeze people, this is what I’m talking about..), just try to have a sense of humor, okay?

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