Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren

I have a new obsession I must confess to. First off, Exhibit A, below:outlander sexy 2

Many of you may have seen some of the promotional hoopla from Starz about their new dramatic miniseries, Outlander.  It’s clear they’re betting big on it, and judging from the rabid fanbase that already exists thanks to the eight, yes EIGHT-book series written by Diana Gabaldon, they won’t be disappointed.


If you’ve already read and loved the books, you won’t need any encouragement from me to watch the show.  If you were like me–read some of the books (in my case, the first one) and didn’t get SO hooked…or you’ve never heard of the thing at all….hear me out.

In a nutshell, the show is about a woman from the 1940’s who’s whisked back in time to the mid 1700’s in the Scottish highlands. She’s put right in the middle of a roiling war between the English and the Scots, and meets a totally hunky Highlander along the way who she may or may not totally have ALL the sexy times with.  Anyway…OUT-101_20131010_EM-0917.jpg

This show hits a certain sweet spot that I think is missing in the current TV line-up these days (that I’m aware of).  It unabashedly appeals to the female demographic (though I suspect many men will enjoy it too), it’s got gorgeous scenery and costumes that comes with a period drama, it follows a  female lead who’s remarkably non-irritating (Sookie, Piper, Lorie, Mary, we’re looking at you, ladies), a slow-burning romance plot line that isn’t too rushed or trite, oh and it’s got that dash of time-traveling and magic, for the geek in all of us.


There’s also a lot of naked pretty people, violence, sex, and all that good stuff, but that’s not hard to come by in TV these days, so I mention that as an afterthought. One caveat: the lead does do a constant voice over that’s a little overbearing.  My hope is this dwindles away…

Anyway, given my love of costume dramas, epic-scale romance, and all things Scottish, I’m pretty much genetically engineered to love this series.  But even if you’re not ME, I think it’s absolutely worth a shot.  You can watch it HERE for free on the Starz site!  Do it. Do it now….