For Pillowtok this week, we’re re-running an old favorite episode of ours–Parents vs. Non-parents; who’s more obnoxious.  It’s really the question that keep on giving, the debate that never ends.  In fact we started it up again just last week in a Facebook post questioning whether 4 kids is too many–of course it started up a chorus of differing opinions. If you’re not sure where you stand in this debate, or are absolutely iron-set on your view, this podcast is for you. Maayan (non-parent) and Lauren (parent) share their frustrations, misunderstandings and grievances with those on the ‘other’ side.

Listen to this.


Oh God.  Parents. Aren’t they the worst? They talk about their offspring nonstop, openly discuss bodily functions and diaper disasters, and like to smugly remind non-parents how little they know of sacrifice, responsibility, and unconditional love. They can never do ANYTHING anymore. And when they can, they end up complaining about the fact that they have kids (honestly, WHY did you have them if you’re so eager to get away from them?) and end up leaving early.  And don’t get us started on the overload of FB kid photos.


Let’s all flood our Facebook friends’ feed with 500 different versions of the same baby-centric event we all attended!

And how’ bout those NON-parents??  Their utter cluelessness to what you’re going through as a parent–their party start times (10 pm?  TEN FUCKING PM. Are you kidding me.  That is smack-dab in the middle of my already paltry sleep-cycle).  Their flippant suggestions that you just let the kid SKIP a nap this time so we can still meet up (sure, just as long as YOU volunteer to be in charge of the apoplectic baby at 5pm at the end of that no-nap day). And their complaints of being ‘tired’.  Friend, you…have…no…idea. What tired is.  You just don’t.  You know how you say you’re hungry, and then someone smug says ‘but you’re not really hungry–poor children in war-torn Africa are ACTUALLY hungry’  …and you know they’re right?  Yeah, parents are right about being tired.

OMG you guys, you realize Vanessa and Pierce totally can’t do this with us because they went and had a baby??? FOOLS. LOLOLOL.



As you can see…there’s a feisty war that’s going on. And for this episode, Maayan and Lauren pick their battles as they face off on opposite sides of this eternally burning debate.








Also, Maayan rave’s about a certain affordable yet really amazing hair care brand…


How does this stuff cost only $3 a pop??



And Lauren’s (probably very unpopular) rant on a certain popular masterpiece show:



Guys…it’s a SOAP OPERA in public broadcasting’s clothing!! Wake Up!