featured_image_podcast_chalAshley & Maayan test their sexy skills and athletic ability on the pole this week. It’s a peek inside the serious world of Pole Dancing,filled with tips, tricks and opinions. Plus Must-Tries of the week! They are seriously doing this one, so you don’t have to.

Listen to this: Pole Dancing

If you’re like me, you’ve seen Pole Dancing on a lot of TV shows – For example on the Real House Wives Of Beverly Hills and Kendra Wilkinson had one in her house (featured on her reality show).


Pole dancing has always seemed silly and intimidating to me ( I freeze when I’m told to be sexy) but when I walked past a pole dancing class I decided I must try for myself and I enlisted Maayan to go with me. What we walked into, we never expected! There’s a serious, serious,world of pole dancers out there. Why? I still can’t quite figure it out, but I hope you enjoy hearing our experience! We’d love to hear yours!

Here is where Maayan and I went: New York Pole Dancing

-xo, Ashley

Ashley’s Must-Try of the week: It’s tax time so Ashley says use Turbo Tax Deluxe for the sheer ease of it and for the good refund she gets every year!


Maayan’s Must-Try of the week: An amazingly sexy smell she discovered in college – White Amber Essential Oil! If only there was smell-o-vision!