by Ashleyphoto

Last week I saw a cover of a magazine calling out Kim Kardashian for being so miserable that she’s developed armpit fat (her bra was too tight basically).  This week a headline is calling out celebs with wrinkly and veiny hands…..heaven forbid.

No wonder why people freak out when they gain a few pounds or when they celebrate another birthday . I just can’t participate anymore and read this crap.  Firstly it’s a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing new fashions, hairstyles, and I want to know who is breaking up and who is hooking up but I hate when people are MEAN. And picking a part someone’s body and pointing out that they are getting older just adds to the feeling that our worth comes from our looks and our age. It doesn’t feel good to the person being criticized or the person reading the article. It’s mean and it’s bad energy and I’m done.