feedmeterAshley and Aubrey challenge themselves to a week of doing random acts of kindness all across the country (NYC, LA, and Pennsylvania). From paying it forward, to assisting little old ladies, to swallowing pride to be kind, they recount the highs and lows of helping others. Plus Must-Tries of the week. 

Listen To This: Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness affects the person receiving, the person doing, and the 3rd person who watches. Check out the article that Ashley references on the show.

There is an amazing website where you can randomly buy pizza for other people called Random Acts of Pizza! Aubrey mentioned it when talking about what makes people do favors for others.  Send Ashley a gluten free pizza and Aubrey a pizza with everything on it 😉

I was super excited to do this week’s challenge because I love doing nice things for people 🙂 And unlike other challenges, I didn’t plan this one out. I waited to be inspired to help others. It felt amazing. Talking to Aubrey about her week of challenges inspired me to do more! I’d love to hear ideas from YOU on random ways to be kind others? I also realized you don’t need large amounts of money to be kind. So why not do something nice for someone every day!?

-xoxo, Ashley



Aubrey found a box wine that she likes!


Ashley loves watching Felicity the 3rd time around in her 30's!

Ashley loves watching Felicity the 3rd time around in her 30’s! She’s watching with Maayan.