Simba couldn’t handle it.  Neither can we. Or rather, we don’t want to.  What is it about responsibility that has us shaking in our boots? As ‘normal human adults’ we all have obligations we must shoulder…some of them we embrace–like caring for child–while others we definitely don’t (Maayan would like someone to come brush her teeth FOR her, please!).  In this Pillowtok, we touch on how responsibility affects everything–from relationships, everyday functioning, and that big old stinker, doing GOOD for the planet and other humans.  (Awww man….do we HAVE to??)  Also, how those ugly emotions of guilt and blame can sneak into the equation and make it a whole lot messier.

Listen to this! Responsibility: The Hot Potato No One Wants

The awesome philosophical approach to defining responsibility from the Internet Encylopedia of Philosophy.

Dr. Amy Johnson discusses the difference between responsibility and blame



Lauren’s Rave:wegmans cake

Wegman’s is already God’s gift to humankind. But did you know that their custom cakes are slices of heaven as well?  Lauren can’t stop thinking about the divine concoction she had baked up for her dad’s 60th birthday….

Mayan’s Rant: RED_CROWN_LYE

God made the Wegman’s cake, and then, to balance the Cosmos, he made Lye. Scratch that–the Devil made Lye.  Maayan had a horrific run in with this weird oldy-timey substance that left her lips and eyes burning and her mind blank with paranoid terror that she might die from the stuff. DO NOT MESS WITH THIS STUFF.
What to do if you come into contact? RINSE the hell out of it. Apparently, drinking lemon juice is a top homemade approach to food poisoning (probably not LYE)