High-Waisted Pant Believer and Occasional Sharer


Damn my hibiscus wilted! I just went to get it with dear Duncan at the farmer’s market. This plant is supposed to last years. I don’t have a green thumb. This was bought less than a week ago. Duncan transplanted it and it’s not doing too well….apparently it’ll be just fine. But in the meantime, I’m depressed just looking at it. Looking at the mint to the left of it isnt’ encouraging. It seems to be doing just fine, transplant and all.

How it arrived:

  • perky
  • fresh
  • with the promise of flowers

How it’s now:

  • sad
  • wilty
  • with drooping flowers

This transplant thing better work. “It’s getting used to its new home,” says Duncan. I want to believe him but it’s hard.

This is the rest of the balcony, with another wilted hibiscus on the far right. Sighers.


You have any transplanted plants that are now doing fine? Let me know!