Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren sherlock-s3-umbrella-ss-01

So…I understand I’m not exactly providing BREAKING NEWS here by saying that this show effing rocks. Both critics and fans have already established this. But I still encounter many people who shrug or wrinkle their nose when I recommend this series.  Perhaps they’re put off by the idea of a modernized Sherlock  or claim they don’t like crime shows. To them I say, you are cheating yourself out of one of the most enjoyable series on TV. It’s more character-driven than plot-driven–so definitely not your typical crime procedural show. And the adorable bromance-chemistry between Cumberbatch and Freeman is undeniable. (Also….Benedict Cumberbatch is sexy.  I’m not the only one who thinks so.)

Further, it’s well-done, well-written, and well-acted without being horrifically depressing or gritty, the way that most ‘good’ TV shows seem to be these days. If you’re looking for something more meaty than a sitcom but less harrowing than your typical HBO offering, do yourself a favor and get addicted to this gem.