High-Waisted Pant Believer and Occasional Sharer

bagby  Maayan

I went to a consignment shop with my mom and brought this pretty nice bag from Isaac Mizrahi…but who cares, really. I’d gotten it for my sister at Loehmann’s (a discount store that sadly closed down) and it was…basically a poor purchase. Heavy, rigid, very white. Overall dumb. She never liked it, I instantly regretted it. And so on. It sat unused, prim, and proper in a corner for years.

Basically the shop experience – the women were snooty and rude. The reason this confounds me is because they’re so, so very far from wealthy. Even far from comfortable. They’re salespeople…in not the nicest area in town…in an unknown little shop. How snooty can you get? Apparently VERY. Look:

She: Unfortunately we can’t take this.

Me: Oh ok! Why not?

She, her voice with regret, her eyes with a little glint: It doesn’t fit our standards.

Ick. How to handle such people? My first instinct is to gouge their eyes out and then fish through their life, find their banking information, and expose them with one long finger pointed at them, from above of course. Can you picture it?

What I did? Got the hell out, wrote a rant, made myself some tea, and reminded myself to feel very sorry for them for feeling so inadequate in life.